MediaTek Dimensity 9400 tipped again with more information

MediaTek Dimensity 9400 is reportedly the first to launch the latest ARM Cortex-X925 and greatly improve power efficiency and performance.

Yesterday, we have reported about the upcoming MediaTek Dimensity 9400’s key specifications, that was shared by the well-known tipster Digital Chat Station. The same source discloses some more information regarding this chipset. According to DCS, the MediaTek Dimensity 9400 will be the first to launch the latest ARM Cortex-X925 super core, which will be MediaTek’s most powerful mobile phone chip.


It is reported that to highlight the huge CPU upgrade, ARM specifically changed the naming rules of Cortex-X. The next-generation CPU super core is not called Cortex-X5, but Cortex-X925. This is the biggest year-on-year performance leap in the history of Arm Cortex-X.

Furthermore, coming to the main topic, the tipster claims that the Cortex-X925 super-core performance is improved by 36% compared to X4, and the AI ​​performance is improved by 41%. Subsequently, the Dimensity 9400 integrates the new Immortalis-G925 GPU, which brings a 37% performance improvement over the G720, a 30% reduction in power consumption, and a 52% improvement in ray tracing performance.

It is worth noting that this time the Immortalis-G925 GPU provides 10 to 24 shader cores. In comparison, the previous generation G720 provides 10 to 16 shader cores. More GPU shader cores mean that Arm will significantly release performance on the rendering thread, giving players a more powerful gaming experience.

Besides, the tipster also discloses that the Vivo X200 series will be the world’s first to launch the Dimensity 9400, and the OPPO Find X8 series will also use this processor. All in all, the tipster revealed much-needed information that we wanted to know about the Demensity 9400.

Based on previous data, the MediaTek Dimensity 9400 carrying a model number of MT6991 will use a tri-cluster structure, including 1x Cortex-X925, 3x Cortex-X4 cores, and 4 Cortex-A7 cores. It is built on TSMC’s 2nd-generation 3nm fabrication, which is improved by 34% in power efficiency compared to the 5nm process (N5). In addition, the N3E process also achieves a 1.6-fold increase in logic transistor density. Overall, Dimensity 9400 makes great improvements both in terms of power and performance.


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