A triple-screen foldable phone tipped to be in work

A triple-screen foldable phone prototype emerged according to Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station with an estimated 10-inch screen.

A reliable Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station today reported that he saw a new folding prototype from a certain company. The post added, “It is the world’s first triple-screen foldable phone with an inner folding + outer folding double hinge design. The screen is estimated to be about 10 inches.” And of course, being a new technology, there would be no competition in the short term, the post further noted. According to speculation from netizens in the comment section, this new phone is expected to be a Huawei product.


Lately, a patent was spotted on the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) [Download Patent PDF]. And the company is none other than Huawei. The patent was filed on February 21, 2023, by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, and the inventors are Huang Bo, Zha Peng, Wang Yanxin, Pang Dong, and Yu Weidong. The patent announcement came in March 2024.


According to the provided diagrams, the application comprises a triple foldable screen, which conveys multiple hinges too. If we speak in detail, the opposite ends of the first hinge are connected to the first shell and the second shell respectively. The first hinge is capable of being twisted so that the first housing is folded or unfolded relative to the second housing. The second hinge can be deformed too. So that the second housing can be folded or unfolded to the third housing.


The multiple shells may have different thicknesses, which reduces the overall thickness of the device when folded. It also makes it lighter, thereby providing users with a better grip. The rear side also illustrates a circular camera island, which is very common with Huawei phones. Overall, this technology is at a very early stage. We will see a lot more happening because the foldable phone market is becoming mature as time passes. what are your thoughts? Please do let us know in the below comment section!


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